Impacting Lives through Real Estate

Changing the World through real estate Here’s something you may be shocked to learn: Owning real estate isn’t about you. It’s about the resident. It’s about them being comfortable in […]

Be Picky About Where Your (Real Estate) Money Comes From

Making Sense of Real Estate Investment Income Real estate is an asset and vehicle to preserve, grow and accumulate wealth. The beauty of this asset class that is income may be […]

Self-directed IRA

What is a Self-directed IRA?

Learn how this Wall Street secret allowed 3 investors to each create a tax-deferred or tax-free retirement nest egg of $100,000,000.     A few years back the Government Accountability Office […]

immigrants in real estate

Why immigrants have an unfair advantage for investing in real estate

America has effectively labeled itself as the land of opportunity. Seriously, of all the branding angles a country could go after, “land of opportunity” is a pretty stellar one. And […]


How to Estimate a Home Renovation

We love rehabs! They’re wonderfully annoying as they are profitable.   Seriously, finishing a rehab project is like getting over a cold. Once it’s over we need a couple weeks […]

real estate trends

Win Big With These Real Estate Trends

The sky is falling! THE SKY IS FALLING! You should probably buy a roof (or 2!) Who comes top of mind when you’re thinking about the world’s greatest investors? Obviously, […]

Why You Should Buy Rental Property in the Midwest

Most millennials like us dream of being chic living in a big city. Picture it: You’ve graduated college and have a decent paying job in a cool city. Think: Boston, […]

rental mindset, Out of State Real Estate Investing

Rental Mindset’s Out of State Investing

Brian is a 30 year old real estate investor living in expensive San Francisco with rental properties he has never seen, thousands of miles away. He helps people get started […]

real estate reserves

Do you know the cash eating monster?

Don’t let your rental turn into a cash eating monster! Have reserves (money) in the bank. Hi guys! We’re back with a new article for you. We have a burning […]

real estate investing business plan

Real Estate Investing Business Plan [Infographic]

No one cares about your income goals and lifestyle more than you! As real estate investors, we’ve done things like: Delay taking jobs that seemed to pay higher in the […]