“But I don’t want to have a 9-5 till I’m 65…”

About LLP: We get it! You go to work and dreadfully do not want to turn into your work mates. You feel trapped on a path that you actually don't want and didn’t actively choose. You want freedom, autonomy and the ability to live life on your terms.

You’ve done your research and you’re ready to take action and create the life YOU CHOOSE.

This is your life, you can make it what you wish. We are here to empower you to increase your personal liberty and live a life on purpose. We help you identify the right business model(s) and strategies to grow your passive income portfolio.


We’re not selling dreams here.

We cut through the crap to bring you real world strategies to create the security you want. We set out to build tools that empower you to grow your personal ventures. You really can achieve financial freedom and whether you choose to do that through real estate, technology/software, an online business or another venture, we're here to help.

The LLP team are diligent passive income business builders.

As the population ages and wages become less and less secure, LLP is the place you come to meet like-minded individuals, learn how to build your passive income portfolio and create personal liberty.

Whatever you’re looking to build, Life, Liberty ‘n Property is here to make sure it becomes a reality!

convinced we can help? – phew!

We suggest starting with some not-so-light reading. You're about to embark on a journey that requires knowledge, a keep sense of opportunity and the wherewithal to know what to do when you identify a great investment. Welcome aboard. 


For more of a personal touch just send us an email: [email protected] or check out our services and let’s start your journey together.

not convinced yet? – oh dear!

You’re a tough nut to crack. Why not read a bit more about us to determine if we're even worth listening (reading??) to?

The LLP team are millennial partners in life committed to helping you achieve your goals.

john and richelle wv-19Richelle: A scientist, numbers geek and all around analytical mind, she is all about the math. She loves learning about business, strategy and helping others discover the power of generating passive income. A nerd at heart, she loves to analyze financial fundamentals and help others realize their goals.

john and richelle wv-31John: A sustainable systems designer and business builder at heart, he is all about development. He is a shrewd negotiator, deal structurer, and capital allocator. Also a self proclaimed nerd, he loves consuming, analyzing, and organizing large sets of data, trends and information. He gains energy in helping others with the planning and implementation of ideas. For all who need it, John knows how to remove barriers and levels of complexity to move forward incrementally.

Still not convinced? – oh my!

We get it. You’re not one to just take our word for it. How about you schedule a free 30-minute strategy session with one of us so you can see for yourself if we offer value for you and your passive income portfolio goals?

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John has successfully raised a $300K investment fund and built a portfolio of 20+ units. He closed fund in 2016 returning 100% investor equity. John as been an investor since 2009 and is an expert negotiator.

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Richelle successfully grew her family's portfolio to 12 units and has owned property in two states. She has been an investor since 2009 and is an expert capital allocator.