real estate case study

Real Estate Case Study: $8,000 is not bad for 1 month’s work!

In this real estate case study you’ll learn how we invested in real estate without using of our own cash!  We received a lot of positive feedback from the last […]


Episode 001 – LLP Podcast

In this LLP podcast we discuss critical points from our manifesto. We want there to be understanding. To achieve this, we clarify our words, meanings and definitions. Hearing definitely helps in understanding. […]

buying real estate

Predicting the future when buying real estate

Real estate isn’t like owning an active, cash producing business or like trading stocks. In either of these scenarios, you really don’t care if the market is going up or […]

be rich

You Don’t Really Want to be Rich

Come on. Be honest. Tell the truth… You don’t really want to be rich. Like really rich. Like don’t have to work a day job because you have passive income. […]


Got FOMO (Fear of Missing out)? Use it to your investing advantage

We all want to fit in. The peer pressure of adulting looks a little different than it did when we were in grade school. Today, we are faced with keeping […]


Negotiation with Your Partner

Negotiation is a fundamental life skill that is critical to success in business. In real estate investing, negotiating can be the difference between maximizing profits and not even getting the […]


Realtor: To be or Not to be!

Are you confused by this whole “investing in real estate” thing? Is being a realtor the first thing that comes to mind? Then this article is for you. A real […]

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Financial Freedom with Personal Finance

Small actions add up to financial freedom through personal finance.   So today I was hanging with some workmates and it occurred to me that I stuck out like a […]

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They Don’t Want Us to Win

All I do is WIN WIN WIN no matter what! Human nature is competitive; success is something we all seek. If you’ve listened to DJ Khaled, whether it’s via snapchat […]

Profit First

Profit First

We’ve read Profit First by Mike Michalowicz and it’s an awesome book. The premise of it isn’t anything you haven’t heard before. We have all heard the adage to “pay […]