Negotiate Your Way to Financial Freedom

Jan is a real estate investor who was trying desperately to get her expenses down. She’s always been passionate about providing high quality housing to the community at a reasonable […]

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Real Estate Case Study: $8,000 is not bad for 1 month’s work!

In this real estate case study you’ll learn how we invested in real estate without using of our own cash!  We received a lot of positive feedback from the last […]

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You Don’t Really Want to be Rich

Come on. Be honest. Tell the truth… You don’t really want to be rich. Like really rich. Like don’t have to work a day job because you have passive income. […]


Negotiation with Your Partner

Negotiation is a fundamental life skill that is critical to success in business. In real estate investing, negotiating can be the difference between maximizing profits and not even getting the […]

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They Don’t Want Us to Win

All I do is WIN WIN WIN no matter what! Human nature is competitive; success is something we all seek. If you’ve listened to DJ Khaled, whether it’s via snapchat […]

Profit First

Profit First

We’ve read Profit First by Mike Michalowicz and it’s an awesome book. The premise of it isn’t anything you haven’t heard before. We have all heard the adage to “pay […]


ShoeMoney Paid Us to Build This Website

Like many of you reading this, we’ve always wanted to accomplish the mystical task of “making money online.” Last November, 2015 we randomly stumbled upon Jeremy “ShoeMoney” Schoemaker; it was one […]

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How to sell a house, make $10,000 and keep the cashflow: A Real Estate Investing Case Study

In this real estate investing case study you’ll learn how we made $10,000, sold a house and kept the cash flow!  So you want to invest in real estate? Today we […]

Generating Cash with Airbnb!

Today we want to share a cool way to put on some ‘landlord training wheels’ of sorts by renting your space(s) out on AirBnB. Have you ever thought any of these […]

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Rich Uncle Pennybags

Meet our friend Rich Uncle Pennybags, or as most would know him, Mr. Monopoly. This sharply dressed man is currently worth 7.1 Billion on the Forbes Fictional 15… How you […]