Grow Your Savings While Spending Money: Acorns

For the month of September, we want to highlight some of our favorite FinTech tools that help us in both our personal finances and investing.    Later on this month, we will […]

section 8

Renting with HUD’s Section 8 Program

Stable rental income is essential for residential real estate investor success. Providing housing to low-income households using government subsidy programs such as Section 8 presents an opportunity to serve a […]


Opportunity in The ‘Bad’ Parts of Town

As investors, we are always on the lookout for the best deal. Each investor has to determine his or her investment criteria based on their style. Regardless of your individual […]

real estate case study

Real Estate Case Study: $8,000 is not bad for 1 month’s work!

In this real estate case study you’ll learn how we invested in real estate without using of our own cash!  We received a lot of positive feedback from the last […]

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Join us for a round of (mini) golf!

The most successful people we know, are masters of their money. By being financially free, they have the ability to own and dictate how they spend their time. This is […]


Episode 001 – LLP Podcast

In this LLP podcast we discuss critical points from our manifesto. We want there to be understanding. To achieve this, we clarify our words, meanings and definitions. Hearing definitely helps in understanding. […]

real estate

Real Estate Buys You Freedom

I’ve been unconsciously immersed in real estate most of my life. I remember as a child being on construction sites where my father was building new homes on Long Island, […]

Real Estate Investing Case Study, investing, rental house, rehab, real estate investing

How to sell a house, make $10,000 and keep the cashflow: A Real Estate Investing Case Study

In this real estate investing case study you’ll learn how we made $10,000, sold a house and kept the cash flow!  So you want to invest in real estate? Today we […]

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A Beautiful Rental House Matters

Determining rental house improvements can be a difficult task for an investor/landlord. One must always be careful not to over-improve, while still adding and retaining value for the future. It’s […]

first real estate purchase, first home, new house, homebuyer, first time homebuyer, real estate, investment property, rental house, income property

Prioritizing Your First Real Estate Purchase

Prioritizing your first real estate purchase can be a difficult decision when you have aspirations of owning investment property.  Which one should I do first, buy a home to live […]