Buying Freedom Podcast with Manny Fernandez

In this episode of the Buying Freedom podcast we talk with Manny Fernandez, Angel Investor on CNBC’s Make Me A Millionaire Inventor. Manny is the CEO/ Co-Founder of DreamFunded.com Manny […]


Negotiate Your Way to Financial Freedom

Jan is a real estate investor who was trying desperately to get her expenses down. She’s always been passionate about providing high quality housing to the community at a reasonable […]

section 8

Renting with HUD’s Section 8 Program

Stable rental income is essential for residential real estate investor success. Providing housing to low-income households using government subsidy programs such as Section 8 presents an opportunity to serve a […]

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Real Estate Investing Frequently Asked Questions

We all have questions! Here’s our list of common thoughts that come to mind when accumulating passive income investing through real estate. These answers are meant to simply begin orienting […]

HAVES and the Have NOTs in Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing can appear to be overwhelmingly dominated by opinion rather than fact. Few non-institutional investors bother to collect the scarce bits of data that can truly determine whether […]


Episode 002 – LLP Podcast

In this LLP podcast we discuss the 4 real estate investor profiles that we have previously written about. It is important for you to know your own investing preferences before jumping in to property […]


Opportunity in The ‘Bad’ Parts of Town

As investors, we are always on the lookout for the best deal. Each investor has to determine his or her investment criteria based on their style. Regardless of your individual […]

What The New York Times Does Not Understand About Real Estate Cash Flow

The New York Times recently published an article discussing the performance of land and real estate over the past 100 years. Their premise was that neither land nor real estate […]

real estate case study

Real Estate Case Study: $8,000 is not bad for 1 month’s work!

In this real estate case study you’ll learn how we invested in real estate without using of our own cash!  We received a lot of positive feedback from the last […]


Episode 001 – LLP Podcast

In this LLP podcast we discuss critical points from our manifesto. We want there to be understanding. To achieve this, we clarify our words, meanings and definitions. Hearing definitely helps in understanding. […]