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Predicting the future when buying real estate

Real estate isn’t like owning an active, cash producing business or like trading stocks. In either of these scenarios, you really don’t care if the market is going up or […]


Got FOMO (Fear of Missing out)? Use it to your investing advantage

We all want to fit in. The peer pressure of adulting looks a little different than it did when we were in grade school. Today, we are faced with keeping […]

Today’s Real Estate Market

The aftermath of the real estate market crash. Is it over? Time to get back in or has all the opportunity in the real estate market passed? This week during […]


Negotiation with Your Partner

Negotiation is a fundamental life skill that is critical to success in business. In real estate investing, negotiating can be the difference between maximizing profits and not even getting the […]


Realtor: To be or Not to be!

Are you confused by this whole “investing in real estate” thing? Is being a realtor the first thing that comes to mind? Then this article is for you. A real […]

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Real Estate Buys You Freedom

I’ve been unconsciously immersed in real estate most of my life. I remember as a child being on construction sites where my father was building new homes on Long Island, […]

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How to sell a house, make $10,000 and keep the cashflow: A Real Estate Investing Case Study

In this real estate investing case study you’ll learn how we made $10,000, sold a house and kept the cash flow!  So you want to invest in real estate? Today we […]

Generating Cash with Airbnb!

Today we want to share a cool way to put on some ‘landlord training wheels’ of sorts by renting your space(s) out on AirBnB. Have you ever thought any of these […]

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A Beautiful Rental House Matters

Determining rental house improvements can be a difficult task for an investor/landlord. One must always be careful not to over-improve, while still adding and retaining value for the future. It’s […]

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Rich Uncle Pennybags

Meet our friend Rich Uncle Pennybags, or as most would know him, Mr. Monopoly. This sharply dressed man is currently worth 7.1 Billion on the Forbes Fictional 15… How you […]