Episode 001 – LLP Podcast

In this LLP podcast we discuss critical points from our manifesto.

We want there to be understanding.

To achieve this, we clarify our words, meanings and definitions.

Hearing definitely helps in understanding.

You’ll feel closer to us hearing our voices, instead of just yours while you read this!

In this show we talk about the meaning of life, liberty and property in the context of the website and community.

Yes real estate is our main passive income source, so we must admit…

Freedom comes with ownership!

Financial freedom allows you to create the life YOU CHOOSE.

Be inspired and start achieving today!

We’re not gurus, we’re the friends you call for advice!

At Life, Liberty n’ Property, we want you to truly get to know us.

The foundation of most relationships begins with trust.

To learn more about John and Richelle, feel free to start here.

Next we recommend you understand why passive income starts here.

What You Will Learn in This LLP Podcast:

What does “life” mean to us?

What does “liberty” mean to us?

What does “property” mean to us?

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

The LLP Book List. We hope you decided to read a book on this list. We’ve also provided a quick review from our thought of each. No time to read? Sure thing! Purchase the audiobook version and listen!

Feel free to shoot us an email once you’ve completed your selection. We would love to hear your thoughts and insights!

Thank You For Listening!

Thanks for tuning into us for episode 001 of the Life, Liberty n’ Property Podcast.

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