Episode 002 – LLP Podcast

In this LLP podcast we discuss the 4 real estate investor profiles that we have previously written about.

It is important for you to know your own investing preferences before jumping in to property ownership.

Did you know real estate investing is similar to theater?

Yup! There are many actors in the world of real estate investing.

Unlike for auditioning, you get to select your own role.

It’s important to identify where you fit in, in terms of a real estate  investing style.

Once you’re able to recognize where you fit in, you’ll be able to hone your focus and understand the other players.

How you play the game, or your investment strategy determines the route you will take for growing and managing your portfolio.

There are no wrong answers, but there is a best fit.

We trust that this episode will help you correctly identify your investment profile. So you can use strategy to win the game of financial freedom.

We’re not gurus, we’re the friends you call for advice!

At Life, Liberty n’ Property, we want you to truly get to know us.

The foundation of most relationships begins with trust.

To learn more about John and Richelle, feel free to start here.

Next we recommend you understand why passive income starts here.

What You Will Learn in This LLP Podcast:

  1. Who is the Cash Flow King?
  2. Who is the Solid Returns Seeker?
  3. Who is the Appreciation Aficionado?
  4. Who is the Appreciation – Cash Flow Blend?
  5. How can you recognize each real estate investor profile?

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

There are many types of investment styles for real estate and property investment. Here is The 4 real estate investor profiles article, we have profiled four primary styles that we find in the market. Do you agree or disagree? What other types of investor profiles have you come across? Feel free to shoot us an email once you’ve determine your investor profile. We would love to hear your from you!

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