Our mission is to help every individual live a full life and take control of their personal liberty through property ownership! We offer a variety of events to help you achieve your passive income goals and meet other like-minded individuals along the way.

Life, Liberty n’ Property Mastermind Groups

Don’t delay, take action today. Together we can start now to create the future we want. Start right now to make a difference in your life. Surround yourself with thought leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries in their own industries. Come prepared to make friends and be challenged to live up to your maximum potential.

Meetings are purely for entertainment and educational purposes only and should not be taken as tax, legal or other professional advice. Members are advised to conduct their own due diligence. Neither LLP, it’s members or event participants are liable for any decisions or transactions that occur as a result of the details discussed during the meetings.  


6:00-6:30PM Arrival & Networking

6:30-8:30PM Mastermind session

8:30-9:00PM Networking & Wrap up

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Feedback & Testimonials

“Improved my growth with one-on-one advice. The format was intimate and to the point. The topics were great, [I] loved chatting about growth from members from month to month. There’s not a lot of people that really take the time to have one-on-one sessions to talk shop. The meetings [of my local REIA] are giving content, but don’t really addressing my specific problems.” – Don P.

“Good info, [we] help[ed] each other succeed. Loved it!” – Mike J.

“Discussing real estate with like-minded people in a smaller group than [my local real estate club]. The agendas, notes and professional organization are what I liked the most” – Teal W.

Neighborhood & Property Tours

Property walk throughs, neighborhood driving tours

Central Ohio Neighborhoods

Rehab Estimating