Financial Freedom with Personal Finance

Small actions add up to financial freedom through personal finance.  

So today I was hanging with some workmates and it occurred to me that I stuck out like a sore thumb.

You’ve heard me mention this feeling before but this time it was probably my own fault.

You see, I was working on an off-site project and decided to plug-in a podcast about investing. I was alone, beautiful day and repetitive work – perfect scenario for listening to business ideas. Well one of my workmates came in unexpectedly, listened for a bit and started laughing at me! He said “Oh my goodness, don’t tell me you’re listening to investment radio!”

It’s no secret that personal finance and investing are huge interests of mine

I murmured a reply something to the effect of “yea…” and quickly REWINDED the podcast so I could catch the part he laughed over. I shook my head at this guy who’s my same age and in a similar time frame has only procreated. Now, I’m not saying that kids are a bad thing, but when you’re focused on your goals, you recognize that some things can wait. I’m still in my 20s after all! While I’m collecting assets, he’s been collecting liabilities. While I’m gaining financial awareness, he’s burying his head in the sand.

The reality is that there is no magic bullet to being rich

It is the collection of small actions, averaged over a lifetime that allow some people to get ahead and live life on their terms. I’m a beat. While he’s there talking about the latest NBA tournament and passing time on meaningless projects, I’m grinding, learning, getting better every day.

Life is a competition. Don’t forget that.

Lazy people focus on what’s in it for them. High achievers know that life owes them nothing and that you get what you earn or negotiate (more on that in another article…).

Go out there. What small action can you take today? What book can you read, article can you reference and podcast can you listen to that will help you on your way to the life you want? Complacency has no place here. Carpe diem!

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