Negotiation with Your Partner

Negotiation is a fundamental life skill that is critical to success in business. In real estate investing, negotiating can be the difference between maximizing profits and not even getting the deal done.

Even in daily life, negotiation is can be beneficial. It is important to separate what you want from what you’re trying to accomplish because after all, real estate is brick and mortar but relationships are priceless.


Attorney Kwame Christian is the host of the Negotiation for Entrepreneurs Podcast and is the founder of the American Negotiation Institute. His mission to help people just like us and you to gain the skills you need to get more out of your negotiation and business interactions.

The American Negotiation Institute is one of the few negotiation consulting firms that focuses entirely on honing the negotiating skills of entrepreneurs and small-business owners. They are currently the only podcast on iTunes tailored specifically to enhancing the negotiation skills of entrepreneurs. Kudos to Kwame!

We were pleased to be guests on Kwame’s podcast and know you’ll get a lot out of the conversation.

What You Will Learn in This Negotiation Podcast

  • How we started our entrepreneurial journey in real estate investing
  • Our way of balancing being business partners and life partners
  • Strategies we use for conflict resolution and disagreement
  • We share scenarios for using negotiating as leverage
  • Tools and tips for best practices in negotiation

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

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