Passive Income Starts Here!

Welcome to Life, Liberty ‘n Property (LLP)! We’re here to help you in your entrepreneurial, passive income, and real estate journey. Here you will find tidbits and musings about our real estate investments, online business and other passive income ventures… after all, we all have the right to life, liberty and property.

We are your ultimate value investors. Seriously, Warren Buffet has nothing on us. Ok not really. We look at ways to purchase assets below their present market value. In the case of real estate, this means that we purchase property for less than it’s worth. Often times we like to purchase property for less than its built cost.

That’s right. We buy it for less than it costs to build. That is true value investing.

We are fundamentalists who are not into sexy fads or get rich quick schemes. We value time tested, prudent investing strategies to accumulate wealth and establish streams of consistent income.

If you agree with our philosophy then we’ll be friends! There are many different types of investors out there, but we focus on cash flow and preserving capital above all else.

We show you how to get started generating passive income so you can have more personal liberty and financial freedom. We do this by helping you determine which passive income path is right for you and get you started on your journey with our online community, education, books and tools. We talk about personal finance, building a business and living life on purpose.


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