Real Estate Investing Mastermind

We’ve SOLD OUT of the SIX seats available for our upcoming real estate investing mastermind group!

Jumpstart Your Real Estate Investing Mastermind by Life, Liberty n’ Property,  COLUMBUS, OH. This is the first of 4 sessions and the group is for beginner real estate investors and those who feel stuck growing their business. We’ve received excellent feedback and opinions from last years groups and are excited to implement the insights and improvements.

With each meeting we want you to walk away feeling empowered and ready to take action! We plan an agenda for each meeting session and hold you accountable to reaching the goals that you set for yourself. We’re here to help you make your real estate investing goals a reality. Though our experience people in real estate mastermind groups are more likely to meet or exceed their goals than people who chose to purse the path on their own.

Conference room - top view --- Image by © Viaframe/Corbis

Conference room – top view — Image by © Viaframe/Corbis

With accountability and camaraderie, this group is the safe haven new investors need to begin their investing journey. Before the group another great place we recommend starting is in our Frequently Asked Questions section of the LLP. We hope you’ll come prepare to the real estate mastermind meeting. We want you to be proactive about taking your education and investing professionally and seriously. Your financial freedom is at stake! Also check out our Book List for some of our picks of good reads for both business and real estate investing. These books help with your all around mindset and outlook for success! We want you to be equipped with tools and resources for successful passive income purists through property investing. Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is where the concept of the mastermind originated. According to Hill having a mastermind group channels your inner genius and helps you be more strategic about accomplishing your goals. We find this DEFINITELY applies to real estate investing as well.

Hope to catch you at the NEXT ONE, before it’s Sold Out! 

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