Buying Freedom Podcast with RealtyShares

In this Buying Freedom podcast we talk with RealtyShares’s Amy Kirsch – Director of Investor Relations.

Online platforms like RealtyShares are streamlining elements of the real estate transaction process.

RealtyShares Surpasses $200 Million Raised Through Real Estate Crowdfunding

Raising capital has traditionally been a long process, but with Realtyshares’s curated online marketplace you can tap into our network of investors and put your money to work quickly.

The biggest challenge is ensuring the best possible sponsors so that the deals presented to investors have been vetted and will potentially offer a great return.

Both Investors and Sponsors can go to the website.

Sponsors must have a track record and clear certain benchmarks during the application process.

Investors must be accredited, and will go through a 30-day cooldown period after signing up.

RealtyShares Raises $20 Million For Its Real Estate Investment Marketplace

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The foundation of most relationships begins with trust.

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What You Will Learn in This LLP x RealtyShares Podcast:

How it Works

  1. Apply online in minutes
  1. Get approved in 24 hours or less to submit documents for underwriting
  1. RealtyShares underwrites, approves and funds your project
  1. RealtyShares services investments and manages investors

Why Finance With RealtyShares?

Quick & Easy

Apply online in minutes, get approved in 24 hours and get funded in as little as 10 days

Full Stack Capital Solution

The wide variety of products cover senior debt, preferred and JV equity capital for both residential and commercial projects.


Realtyshares financed multiple projects for most of our clients and pride ourselves in superior customer service. We want to grow with you.

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