Our mission is to help every individual live a full life and take control of their personal liberty through property ownership!

We encourage you to start your own businesses and generate stable, passive income. If you’re truly ready to step things up in your passive income streams, then we would love to hear more about it and see if having us underwrite a deal for you or working with us in the 1-1 coaching package is the best option for you and your goals. If you’re wanting to achieve: Confidence, Credibility, and Cashflow then we can help in a variety of ways.

But sometimes you just need a little help getting started…

Reach out to schedule a FREE 30 minute free real estate questions and idea call to iron out where you’re trying to go and if we can help you get there.  

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Do you have cold feet doing a deal?

Are you a go-getter who is a bit timid pulling the trigger? Want a second pair of eyes to help you evaluate a deal? We’re here to help. We love “doing the math” to evaluate a deal. We’ll give you a full analysis and  suggested action based on your criteria. 

Ready to step things up in your business and truly Shine?


1-1 Coaching Package

Stop being overwhelmed by analysis paralysis and start having investing! We offer 1-1 coaching to a limited number of clients.

*Available  in person in Columbus, OH, USA or internationally via live video coaching.

Tell Me More about 1-1 Consulting

What is included?

Accountability, Coaching and Support

Bonuses include:

* Email support between sessions (invaluable)

* Free membership the Mastermind Group of your choice ($10/session value).

* Free VIP entry to Life, Liberty n’ Property Networking events, workshops & online trainings.

* Networking & referrals


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*This should not be taken as tax, legal or professional advice. Always seek the advice of your own tax, legal or accounting professional before making any investment decisions. Any action taken as a result of interaction with Life, Liberty n’ Property or its members is at the risk of the individual investor.