Be Picky About Where Your (Real Estate) Money Comes From

Making Sense of Real Estate Investment Income Real estate is an asset and vehicle to preserve, grow and accumulate wealth. The beauty of this asset class that is income may be […]

credit karma

Maximizing Real Estate Investing with Credit Karma

We continue our series on FinTech tools that empower real estate investing.   If you didn’t get a chance to read how Acorns lets you stack CASH while you spend! read […]

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Financial Freedom with Personal Finance

Small actions add up to financial freedom through personal finance.   So today I was hanging with some workmates and it occurred to me that I stuck out like a […]

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Real Estate Buys You Freedom

I’ve been unconsciously immersed in real estate most of my life. I remember as a child being on construction sites where my father was building new homes on Long Island, […]

Profit First

Profit First

We’ve read Profit First by Mike Michalowicz and it’s an awesome book. The premise of it isn’t anything you haven’t heard before. We have all heard the adage to “pay […]

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How to sell a house, make $10,000 and keep the cashflow: A Real Estate Investing Case Study

In this real estate investing case study you’ll learn how we made $10,000, sold a house and kept the cash flow!  So you want to invest in real estate? Today we […]

The uncomfortable truth about gaining financial freedom

Hello all, Ms. LLP here. I thought I would share some thoughts about personal liberty and financial freedom. Last night I attended a social event for a ladies volunteer organization […]