They Don’t Want Us to Win

All I do is WIN WIN WIN no matter what! Human nature is competitive; success is something we all seek. If you’ve listened to DJ Khaled, whether it’s via snapchat or one of his now numerous media appearances, you know about THEM.  DJ Khaled shares his “major keys to success.” For this overnight success (10 years in the making), Charlie Sheen would surely call him, WINNING.

When we think about “they”, we mean the establishment. The ones who have made it. They’ve won and reign over the masses from their thrones. When you think about the internet, websites and more specifically bloggers, they have the traffic, the income, and the clout. You know who they are, the national or micro celebrity in your world.

The reality is that there is always room for one more.

You may not be able to compete for the endorsements, or sponsorships or whatever else it means to be established. You do have the opportunity to gain the traffic and prove that your sound, lane, and thoughts warrant market share.

We want to help (our) people and help ourselves

More recently, we’ve realized that we’re not competing with other bloggers or websites that speak on the same subjects. They may use similar methods for real estate investing and gaining financial freedom but the truth is, they deserve the following they attract. We want to help our people. Who are our people?

Wanted: Our people are intelligent and enlightened. They have a global awareness and engage in the international discourse. They are diligent and are research oriented. They seek the best and want to be surrounded by the best. They typically come from a professional or entrepreneurial background and have attended prestigious schools and institutions. They are dissatisfied with the status quo and are determined to ask for more out of life. They have a basic understanding of money, have access to credit and have taken some steps to saving a nest egg. They are ready for the next level and want a community to go on the journey with them. These are our people. These are our friends.

By diving deeper into Life, Liberty n Property, our blog posts, services or social media we hope we are clear enough for you to get that vibe. Can you hear our voice? Does it sound familiar? As if we’re truly friends just separated by cable wires, highways, state and country borders? Distance is not a problem, we’re still here for you.

All of us in the internet space, producing content and releasing thoughts, ideas, and beliefs into the digital world have endless opportunities for market share and growth. Think about it. The world is huge. Early imperialist and colonialist knew this to be true! When we put on our strategic hats or think like Mad Men, there’s more than enough rock to carve our monuments and build our ecosystems. Our segment is not their segment. Our buyer personas are different. Our market tapestry may have similarities but still have their own identities.

The age of NEW and MORE, MORE, MORE

There will always be more new coffeeshops with the vibe you’ve been searching for. There’s going to be a church community somewhere where you feel like you actually fit in. Wonderful! You are one of them. Them, us, you, who ever it is, one isn’t necessary better than the other. We all have a place, our place in the ecosystem.

The beauty and power of the digital age is access. Today, you don’t need home wifi or a desktop computer to be connected. We are in the smartphone revolution! Public wifi is free and available in most places.  What we love about the internet and digital life is that it is limitless. We are not restricted to space and place. Myspace was one of the first places we learned to connect and befriend strangers from around the world while building a page that embodies our personal character. Today, it’s via

(THEY) No one wants to be disrupted

The CEO of a local Columbus, Ohio company shared this premise with us this week at Startup Week. He was giving the keynote lecture for the evening and his advice for building a successful company was not getting caught up in the startup culture of a huge exit. His ten year old company CoverMyMeds has been wildly successful financially, voted one of the best places to work, and has grown year over year. He attributed his success to not trying to disrupt the industry but creating a win-win-win-win solution for all stakeholders. By adding value to the system, THEY are now better because CoverMyMeds exists. They don’t want to be disrupted, and too often disruption is the goal of startup founders looking to achieve great success in an establishment dominated industry.   

How do we quantify growth, success and winning?

Like we said before, there’s room for everyone on this rock we call the internet. Life, Liberty n’ Property is starting to emerge and we are excited to grow our real estate conversation online. You may have noticed the badges we recently displayed on the site. We have signed up to participate in the Yakezie challenge and join the list of personal finance bloggers hosted by Modest Money.

The Modest Money Top Finance Blogs List catalogs many sites discuss an array of personal finance topics from getting out of debt to complicated models to optimize tax-efficient savings vehicles. So far progress is going well with over 500 blogs included. We are proud to be among the number! We know there are a lot more blog rosters out there that we haven’t submitted to yet.

The Yakezie Challenge is a 6-month traffic and search engine ranking growth “competition”. Bloggers are free to join the Challenge to try and become Members and leave as they please. The 6-month time frame is there to ensure members of the network get to know new participants as best as possible and to demonstrate consistency and focus on new member sites.

These blog communities are important because they allow us to expand the brand. Plus, we’re both competitive and love seeing our numbers increase week by week. When starting a new project, it is easy to get discouraged along the way. These challenges allow us to quantify growth of the site in a simple, quantitative manner.

Similarly, being listed on sites like Modest Money allow us to expand our reach. The purpose for starting the blog was to create an archive for people in our personal network to follow along and participate in our investment portfolio growth. As with any project it is important to quantify your reach and impact. We want to be listed among the ranks of other serious bloggers because we want grow to larger and larger platforms. Therefore it is important that we associate with collective bodies whose values resonate with our goals. This whole exercise started off from simple curiosity. We noticed that many of the sites we frequent have badges and rankings that we didn’t really understand. After learning more we obviously wanted to join the party! Thanks for coming on the journey with us, it’s going to be an exciting ride.

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