Workspace leaving you flustered, anxious, confused and distracted?

Arrange Your Workspace, Empower Your Business

Whether you have a workspace in your home, a cubicle, or have a corner office complete with skyline views, you can create a welcoming space that supports what you do for your job and/or business. Many people do not realize the tremendous impact their physical space has on their work.

Clutter is distracting

Clutter is a form of disorganization that often results in stress and confusion. When you cannot effortlessly get to the materials you need to do your work effectively, energy and time are diverted away from the processes you would otherwise be performing.

Even if you are a person with a high tolerance for clutter, its presence in your workspace can leave you flustered, anxious, confused, and distracted. Taking the time to organize materials and items that support and nurture your productivity can be well worth the experience of mental clarity and calm. Clutter, however, is just one example of the ways your physical workspace connects to your experience of work.

The Ideal Workspace

Ideally, your workspace should be aligned with your purpose , whether that is a dream that deeply inspires you or the “why” of what you do in your business and investing pursuits.

Your purpose might be specifically related to your real estate investing, such as helping families find safe, affordable homes, or transforming blighted neighborhoods into vibrant communities. Your purpose might relate to goals outside of the work, such as spending time with your family, finding a home you love, or uplifting the lives of children.

Whatever this purpose is, it often calls to your heart and aligns with your gifts, skills, and talents. Reminding yourself of this purpose with artwork and other furnishings in your workspace can be a great choice. You may also choose to bring in quotes that inspire and affirm your vision.

Practical Tips

It’s important that your workspace be free of any items that evoke negative associations or feelings, such as fear or agitation. This might include anything that currently does not function properly, such as unused or obsolete office equipment or flickering fluorescent lights that need to be replaced.

Let go of anything in your physical space that blocks your creativity, and remove or repair the belongings that may not be working properly. Consider that you might also be getting negative feelings from items associated with past jobs you will never do again or investments gone awry. Remove from your workspace any item that is not supporting your productivity, creativity, and other needed skills to effectively grow your passive income.

If possible, place your chair in the command position with a view of either the door or the direction from which people will approach you. This allows your nervous system to calm down rather than be on high alert. You may want to give this a go for a few weeks and see how you feel.

Are you more relaxed when you are working?

Does it feel better to greet people when they enter your space or stand in your doorway?

Are interactions with your colleagues easier from this vantage point?

Similarly, many people feel empowered when they have a wall behind them, sit in an ergonomically designed chair (or can stand, if they prefer), and look out a window. You may not be able to control these factors, but it’s worth considering which of them you can.

Bring in some life!

Research now indicates that people feel supported and inspired by having living things in their workspace, such as plants and fresh flowers; recent research has shown that images of living things and natural settings have similar effects.

Take a few moments to brainstorm some ways you could bring plants or images of nature into your workspace.

These are just some of the factors in your physical space that can support your work habits. Importantly, begin to notice how your office or workspace empowers or inhibits your productivity and creativity, and notice how your workspace feels as you gradually make changes.

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